We Invested in a Paved Driveway for Our Secluded Home

We like the location of our home. We are just about the length of a football field set back from a main road, but the pine trees make our place secluded. They are evergreen, so our house is still invisible from the road and neighbors even in winter. However, our driveway takes a curvy course through that mini forest to our house making it about 750 feet in length. With the snow in winters and a gravel driveway, we could not plow it, so we called a company that does asphalt paving in Nassau County NY to come out and tell us what it would take to upgrade our driveway.

We had been relying on four-wheel drive vehicles to get to and from our home after heavy snowfalls. We had a routine if a big snowfall was coming. We also own two four-wheel drive quads, and we used them to get through the snow to the main road where we would park our vehicles on a flat spot at the end of the driveway. We had a shed installed just back a bit under the trees to put the quads. We did that to get to work on some winter days. I wanted a nice paved driveway that I could just plow when the snows came. I have a Super Duty pickup truck that can take a plow, but I was not even going to try it on gravel.

The paving company graded our driveway and adjusted the thickness of the existing gravel bed to make a strong and thick underlayment for the pavement. Then they poured a thick asphalt top layer with curbs to direct runoff to a storm grate at a low point off to the side of the driveway. They even put in a couple of areas at the curves of the driveway for me to be able to push snow into without having to leave the paved surface with the plow truck. We still run our quads, but now we can drive our vehicles up to our garage no matter how much it snows.