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A Sensible Approach to Home Improvement

Home Improvement can be an expensive undertaking and it will be so much more rewarding if you get the maximum improvement to your home for the minimum outlay.

In order to do this here are some important initial ground rules.

– Before doing anything, make a list of all the possible improvements that you can think of, even though you may already have a specific project in mind.

– Review this list carefully to see which ones you really want and which ones really need to be done. At the same time put your best estimate of the cost for each idea.

– Now make absolutely sure that you really want to tackle your selected home improvement project now instead of any of the other ideas.

This will ensure that you choose the most important (to you) project and not just act on impulse. The next step is then to very carefully plan the details of the project.

If you are going to do it yourself then you must accurately cost out the materials that will be required. Make a detailed list of everything that will be needed. Remember to also cost in any tools that will be needed. If you are going to hire outside labor cost this in as well. Add at least 20% for contingencies.

If you are going to get somebody to it for you it will be much easier as they will quote you for the job. Your real concern here is to make sure that you select a reputable contractor with proven references. Do your homework and check their references.

Now all this may seem to be taking the fun and excitement out of the project but believe me, if you don’t do this initial planning, you could end up with some really nasty surprises.

Now you can allow yourself to get caught up in the excitement and anticipation of the improvement that you will be making to your home. You can enjoy the task and bask in the feeling of accomplishment that you will no doubt experience on it completion.

House Move or Home Improvement?

There are lots of problems with home improvements: they’re a lot of trouble to arrange, they can be expensive, they often decrease the value of your home or at least don’t make back what they cost, and you have to put up with weeks or even months of noisy, dirty building work being done on your home.

Also, houses were usually planned the way they were because of space restrictions, especially in larger towns: if you just go around building extensions in unusual places, the look and layout of your home can both be compromised. Is it really worth converting a garage into a bedroom? No, it isn’t – the garage is much more valuable, often adding as much as 10% to the value of a property.

Another thing you might not have considered is that if you improve your house too much, no-one who wants to live in your area will be able to consider it. In general, expensive houses are in expensive areas for a reason – there are plenty of people who want to buy a cheap house in an expensive area, but very few who want to buy an expensive house in a cheap one.

Given all this, there is an alternative that you might not have considered: why not just move? Many people extend their homes to avoid the costs and troubles of moving, but when you compare them to the costs of extending, moving actually often comes out ahead – especially if you move to a larger house that is just down the road.

While you won’t get your extension designed exactly to your specifications, moving works out much cheaper in the long run, as other people’s ‘used’ extensions will be cheaper than your new one, and rooms that were built with the house will be cheaper still. Who knows, you might even find something you like even better than your own plans.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement can be the most rewarding experience you can embark on, if you like the do-it-yourself thing. I think maybe it is the accomplishment of doing something that you think you can’t do, so it is very rewarding when you prove to yourself that you can do it. I am getting too old to do many of the things I used to do. I am a Female, now 72 yrs old, and this is why I say that. I have sons that just leave me alone (even now) and let me do my thing. I love remodeling and decorating. I love to change something into something different. I have had people tell me I can’t change this to that, so I have to prove them that it can be done. One such thing was my Oak Kitchen Cabinets. They were stained and old, out of date, and the more I looked at them the more I was determined to do this. I have worked in a cabinet shop (which my Husband and I owned) so many years I can hardly remember when I didn’t, so I have a lot of insight on the Home front.

“DIY home improvement”

My Daughter and I live together and I think I scared her with the many things I wanted to do, but she is a trooper and I usually got what I wanted to do. So we talked about painting the cabinets and we decided we would try it. Painting cabinets was the big thing now. Even in our Cabinet shop, most cabinets are painted (though they weren’t Oak cabinets). The grain in the Oak wood is so bold, it is hard to cover it up. We searched around and found the type of paint to use. Prime the cabinets first, then hand sand and start painting. We painted the cabinets white. They were beautiful. My Son put on new Counter tops for us. We also took up the old flooring and put down new vinyl floor tiles, because I am not the kind of person that stays with a look forever. I love change. So I use Materials that can be changed out without breaking the bank. I don’t like slate or granite, Corian or floor tile that is so cold. I don’t like the granite or hard cold Counter tops either. These are costly and you cannot change these out inexpensively. You are stuck with them. I still like the change, so this is not for me,

DC Home Improvement Loans

No, I don’t own a million dollar home but I do own a comfortable beautiful home, that I change, from time to time and I keep it changed to suit me. I love my home! It is similar to the old fashioned southern homes with the big front porch, three sets of beautiful steps, and Gates on all three for my small, great grandchildren, when they visit. My Yards are beautiful and there was no gardener for these either. I have changed my yard, just like I have the House and now I am finally getting satisfied with the way it looks. There is so much Love in my home that even the richest person could envy and wish they were in my Place. I can sit back and enjoy my home, which has been an on-going project for over 20 years, and I have enjoyed every project I have ever done!