Finding One As Seen on TV Product That Really is Convenient to Use

I am reasonably certain you have seen those little products advertised on TV. You know the ones. They give you a special offer to get double the order of product if you just pay separate shipping. They are usually convenience products, but some of them get used once and put away. I suppose that some of them just are not that convenient to use. However, once in a while there is a gem that comes out. I was thinking of those Sani Sticks as seen on TV. They are the thin blue sticks made to put down your bathroom sink drain. Well, you could put them down any drain except the garbage disposal side of your kitchen sink. They would just get ground up in there.

The sticks look like a thin piece of blue licorice. They easily fit through fixed drain screens or between the pop-up valve and the drain of a bathroom sink. They are long so they stop right at that curvy part of the drain under your sink that is called a p-trap by plumbers. They call it a p-trap even though it looks like a U when you look at it. That is the part that holds some water from your last use of the sink to prevent stinky sewer gas from backing up. However, this is the spot where buildup occurs too. The buildup is filled with greasy, waxy and hairy stuff that gets sent down the drain. It has a lot of bacteria in it too. This is where the stink comes from, and it can get quite awful.

Those Sani Sticks get stuck in that spot and begin to dissolve over about a month’s time. They release powerful enzymes to break up the gunk and get rid of the smell. Such an inventive product that really is convenient and does not require you to mess with it every day. You just put a new stick down the drain once per month.