Easy DIY Tips to Increase the Storage in Your Bathroom

It doesn’t matter if you spend a minute of an hour in the bathroom each morning as you prepare yourself to face the day; there never seems to be enough storage. If storage in your bathroom is something you wish you had considered when you originally designed the space, and now you’re stuck with what you’ve got, this article has some great ideas on how to maximize the space you’re working with.

Your Mirror

It’s the one item which everybody uses before they leave the house. The old adage that you should check yourself before you wreck yourself applies to both Men and Women. Of course, we’re talking about your mirror.

If you are looking at a mirror stuck on the wall, then you are looking at storage option. The trick to this tip is to resist the urge to buy a deep storage mirror. Instead, opt for one which offers just enough space for items like your morning routine lotions, your glasses and contact lenses you’ve purchased from the Groupon Coupons page for Coastal, and even your razors.

By choosing a thin storage mirror, you can easily gain storage space without reducing your overall bathroom size.

Your Toilet

Before you stop reading, this tip isn’t going to ask you to store your personal items inside your toilet. Instead, look above the toilet at all of the space available and take your measurements. Head to your local hardware store for a storage stand that sits on either side of your toilet and offers you storage above your toilet, up high. This space is perfect for keeping your spare towels (to avoid a very cold run to the linen cupboard) or your extra toilet rolls.

If you want to take this tip to the next level, consider installing a small cabinet on the newly installed raised shelf for any larger items such as your hair dryer.

Your Door

You have likely seen them in the cheap stores; over the door hanging racks that break just as soon as you try to use them as storage.

The trick for this one is to spend a little extra at a reputable home improvement or furnishing store; one which can really hold the weight of your items.

If you look through enough stores you will see options which include hard based shelves that can be used to keep all manner of bathroom items that need a reliable space to sit. Of course, this is also the best space to keep your hair lotions and makeup bottles that don’t have enough space on your bathroom countertop.

Just because your bathroom wasn’t designed with a lot of storage doesn’t mean that there aren’t options, you just need to be a little creative with your thinking. Along with these ideas, browse through the aisles of your favorite home improvement store and see what else they have to offer; you will be surprised at just how much brands are catering to small bathrooms.